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An open verse challenge is a contest that encourages fans and other musicians to create and share their own versions of an artist's production, either by rapping or singing along with the instrumental that the artist creates. Until now, there has never been a dedicated online platform to bring OVCs together for fans and artists to discover and participate in. offers songwriters a one-stop location where they can post their open verse challenges, and a convenient place for other artists and fans alike to submit their challenges under the OVCs of their choice. Open verse challenges are ranked by the number of challengers they can attract, the total number of full-length plays they get, and the number of visitors and downloads their OVC attracts. Challengers are ranked according to the number of votes they receive, the overall rating fans give their challenge, and the number of full-length plays they receive.

Visitors to the website do not need to become a member to vote, rate, or leave reviews; only artists wanting to participate need join.

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